Our Services


Private Athletics Coaching

If your child is training for;

  • School Sports day
  • National Schools Track & Field Championship
  • International Schools Meet
  • Cross Country
  • Any particular Meet
  • To stay Trim & Fit
  • To build up ultimate Fitness for other Sports

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Adults Running Programme

If you are training for;

  • Long Distance, Road Races, Cross Country, Marathon
  • To build up Fitness level
  • To shed some extra Weight

We will help you achieve your GOALS!

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School Coaching

Our school coaching method, aims to achieve the 3 most important areas governing the principles of training in

  • Physiological (Physical)
  • Psychological (Mental)
  • Pedagogical (Teaching)

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Talks & Camps

Talks, using Power Point Slides;

  • Athletics CCA presentation to parents & athletes
  • Mental Strength
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sports Injuries & Prevention
  • Overtraining & Preparing for Competition

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Other Programmes

Our Programmes, besides making school athletes understand the game of athletics. We also work on Team Building and Character Development, where athletes will learn to cultivate healthy habits, work in teams and value every contribution.

Beside coaching schools athletics teams, we also conduct other programmes according to the school requirements;

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