About SorboAir Insoles

Protection & Support

Protection, Comfort & Support

  • Lightweight Sorbothane Comfort
  • Molded Heel Cup & Arch Support
  • No Risk Guarantee
  • Relieves Pain – Long Lasting

Highly recommended for FITNESS minded people and for other SPORTS.


SorboAir® Replacement Insoles start with a base of air-infused Sorbothane® foam for lightweight comfort. Then a pure Sorbothane® inlay is added for heel-strike protection. SorboAir® Insoles will provide long-lasting cushioning, comfort and protection stride after stride.



Size Guide for SorboAir Insole (All in US Sizes):
W6 – 7
M5 – 6 & W7.5 – 8.5
M6.5 – 7.5 & W9 – 10
M8 – 9 & W10.5 – 11.5
M9.5 – 10.5 & W12 – 13
M11 – 12
M12.5 – 13.5


“SorboAir Insoles” are Made in USA

Every time you take a step, an impact equal to 1.5 times your body weight is absorbed by your foot and transmitted through your body. Imagine the effect when you run!
“Heel strike” has been linked to a wide range of health conditions including: foot fatigue, shin splints, stress fractures, heel spur, back pain, headaches and aggravating pain associated with arthritis and degenerative joint ailments.
Sorbothane® absorbs up to 94% of this impact shock by cushioning the foot and dispersing these “shockwaves” sideways rather than up through the body.
The material properties of Sorbothane also make it the premier material for other therapeutic applications such as seat cushions and grip strengtheners.