History of JS


JS ATHLETICS, is a premier athletic training organisation, founded and led by Jacter Singh also known as the Flying Sikh or Speedy Jag. Coach Jack started as a part-time coach in 1992, working with school athletes and friends kids. He quickly built a reputation for his dedication and expertise, and in the year 2000, he turned to full-time coaching with the Australia New Zealand Association (ANZA) and private clients.

Under Coach Jack’s guidance, schools and athletes quickly began winning individual titles and relays at National Schools Championships. In 2007, he registered his company and engaged a team of passionate and committed coaches who work together to develop individualized training plans and monitor each athlete’s progress.

  • More than 3500 kids/athletes have attended our private coaching programmes.
  • More than 756 of our students have won medals during Primary Nationals, Secondary Nationals and other levels.
  • More than 334 of our students gone to Top Schools (eg. RI, ACSI, Hwa Chong Inst, RGS, Cedar Girls, Nanyang Girls, etc) through our system.
  • Coaches must remember that Athletes must be groomed and developed progressively in order to keep the athletes’ interest going. As a coach, it’s so nice to see your athletes doing well when they are older or donning national colours in the near future.

    A “win at all costs” attitude shown, especially by a number of certain local & foreign coaches, ignores the development of the athletes. This coaches have never been in an elite athlete shoe nor have seen pain or fame but are giving vigorous workouts meant for adults, in order to garner results and hoping their contracts with schools or individuals will be renewed. These so call coaches failed to realise, that they are killing the athlete’s interest in the sport of athletics at a very early age.

    We are simply the BEST team (with 2 former SEA Games medallist and Experienced Coaches) and we emphasise on the “Athletes first, Winning second” philosophy and work gradually towards individual athlete goals.


    Deserving Local Athletes

    FREE Coaching for Singaporean athletes (15 years & above) who have achieved reasonable good time in Sprints & Distance events during National Schools Championship, SAA Meets or any official runs and want to excel further, come join us.


    To be the BEST, train with the BEST…