School Coaching


At our school, we believe in developing students holistically through sports.

Our coaching philosophy focuses on 3 important areas: physiological, psychological, and pedagogical principles of training.

We apply a scientific approach to the physiological effects of training, psychological effects on mental states, and the pedagogical principles of how training is planned and implemented.

By combining these principles, we take a holistic approach to our training programs. Our yearly training program is based on periodisation and consists of the four sports planning periods: Preparation, Specific Preparation, Competition, and Transition.
Periodisation is a training methodology that involves various types and intensities of training specifically scheduled to improve fitness and performance. This is the key to unlocking your school athlete’s potential for peak performance.

Join our program and let us help your students achieve their full potential, not just in sports, but also in life. We believe that developing the whole person is the key to success.

Currently Coaching Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, International Schools and Private Schools

If you would like to know more, contact Jack @ 9671 1470

We are simply the BEST team (with 2 former SEA Games medallist and Experienced Coaches) and we emphasise on the “Athletes first, Winning second” philosophy and work gradually towards individual athlete goals.


Deserving Athletes

FREE Coaching for Singaporean athletes (15 years & above) who have achieved reasonable good time in Sprints & Distance events during National Schools Championship, SAA Meets or any official runs and want to excel further, come join us.


To be the BEST, train with the BEST…