Other Programmes


Encompassing learning in a creative way

Our Programmes, besides making school athletes understand the game of athletics. We also work on Team Building and Character Development, where athletes will learn to cultivate healthy habits, work in teams and value every contribution.

Beside coaching schools athletics teams, we also conduct other programmes according to schools requirement;

  • PAL Programme
  • SEP Programme
  • Enrichment Programmes in Athletes
  • Mass Customisation Programmes (Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Soccer & Softball)
  • Annual Selection for school CCA teams (Athletics, Soccer, Badminton, Basketball, etc.)

We are simply the BEST team (with 2 former SEA Games medallist and Experienced Coaches) and we emphasise on the “Athletes first, Winning second” philosophy and work gradually towards individual athlete goals.


To be the BEST, work with the BEST…