About Elastic Shoelaces with Locks


max laces

Tired of having your athletes / students to tie their shoe laces properly?

These Elastic Shoelaces are high quality durable shoelaces, 100% Polyester with lock. Our Elastic Shoelaces are available in 8 different colours. Perfect for running, triathlon, as well as other sports, walking or casual use. Well they are really good for any sport shoes! Also used by many Visually impaired people, the elderly and the physically challenged, it provide convenience and safety.

Minimise hindrance and optimize your sports performance. The easiest and quickest way to tie your shoelaces and once tied up they never come undone!

Be Practical, Be Yourself!



How to use MaxLaces Elastic Shoe Laces with Lock?

  1. Lace shoes up as you would with any normal shoe laces. step-1
  2. Once shoes are laced, press down on the button of the lock and thread each lace through each hole of the lock.step-2
  3. Pull the laces through the lock’s opening to a desired amount of tension, release the button to initiate the locking device.step-3
  4. Use the scissors to cut laces 2-3 inches below lock.step-4
  5. Insert the cut lace ends into the clip and press to close.step-5
  6. Now you are ready to go with MaxLaces Elastic shoe lace. step-6

They are really good for any shoe, once tied up, they never come undone.


Our “Elastic Shoelaces” is a Product of MaxLaces, Australia