05 Feb 2017

My first race of the season @ SA X-Country C’ship 2017


by Indira Patel

I love running, JS athletics is the highlight of my week. I enjoy training sessions and socialising with all my teammates. The coaches are amazing athletes and coaches, and I would not be able to achieve anything without them. I am very grateful for all their support.

The lead up to the race was a slippery slope for me after I had stop training for four weeks due to a hip injury. As most runners who have suffered from an injury knows, it’s a very nerve racking time. Fortunately, I recovered just before the race and managed a week of training.

Race day, came so fast, I was nervous. I always get super nervous before a race. The night before I make sure I get a good sleep and eat plenty of nutritious food and do my best not to worry. Normally I read a good book to help me relax. I woke up early and make sure I got to Bedok in good time. I like to be early and felt much better after I started my usual warm up and especially when I saw my teammates, Ullekha and Katia. It’s always good to have friends around you.

The officials called us and together we lined up. There is nothing better than having a team, the feeling of “togetherness” is so strong and it’s something I love about sport. We had to wait at the start line for what felt like centuries but I tried to keep my focus and think about the race ahead. Bang! the gun goes and we are off, pounding legs, heavy breathing and cheering are the only sounds could be heard. My legs immediately felt tight and stiff but I quickly found my pace and was able to be in full control throughout the race. Before I knew it, I was on the last kilometre approaching the finish where lots of supporters cheered me on including coach Jack and fellow teammate Jayson, who woke up at 5am and came out to support us all – that is the true spirit of JS. Finally, I crossed the line. The support is amazing and it creates an atmosphere that I just love.

I felt so relieved as I crossed the line, I had done it despite the tough competition and the worry about my hip. Not only had I done it but my team also ran very well. Katia was placed in 7th position in her first JS colours in the U15 Girls category and Ullekha did superbly, especially as she just came back to training after a break for exams.

The boys also ran well especially, Ori, who was placed in 7th position in the U15 Boys category, Gautam did well despite him having his school cross country a day earlier. In the U18 Boys category, Valentin ran well too but at the end of the day everything comes back to the great coaching we receive.

Indira was the winner in the Girls U18 category with a time of 18:38.3, she recorded the fastest time across all women and girls age group categories. She was also the winner of all last year Cross Country races in U15 categories. Click link, of her achievements including last year races, http://js-athletics.com/about-us/athletes/