24 Aug 2019



2nd FEBRUARY 2019

By Coach Jat

Season starts for cross country races and our athletes are ready to lace up their racing shoes and  head up to Bedok Reservoir wherein most of the races are held here. It was sunny and the heat is not helping, and everyone’s is taking cover and reserving their energy for the race. Our Athletes gave their hearts out as they finished their race all out, and bringing home the medals to remind them that it was all worth it. Congratulations and see you all on your next races!

Boys U8

  • 4th Sakthi Sivamani – 1:19.31mins
  • 5th Basil Provest – 1:23.28mins
  • 6th Ibrahim Mirza – 2:06.66mins

Boys U9

  • 1st Leo Seyffert – 1:53.38mins
  • 7th Jacob Binedell – 2:17.92mins
  • 9th Narun Aravind – 2:21.81mins

Girls U9

  • 2nd Isabel Ng Ying Rui – 2:00.61mins
  • 4th Midori Yamazaki – 2:08.78mins

Boys U10

  • 2nd Suiun Ibraev – 1:52.72mins
  • 5th Vittorio Lancieri – 1:56.07mins
  • 10th James Clayton – 2:04.66mins
  • 11th Troy Seow – 2:15.74mins

Girls U10

  • 6th Kelly Huang Gallagher – 2:10.14mins

Girls U11

  • 3rd Neya Aravind – 4:17.31mins
  • 4th Nimisha Ghosh – 4:18.09mins
  • 9th Anaeya Martin – 4:44.32mins
  • 10th Yeo Pey Wenn – 4:45.65mins

Boys U12

  • 2nd Barnaby Davies – 3:33.28mins
  • 3rd Tan Wei Yee – 3:45.07mins
  • 5th Lee Jun – 3:48.01mins
  • 7th Emmanuel Justus Tan – 3:54.89mins
  • 14th Tristen Goh Qi Hern – 4:14.57mins
  • 20th Tristan Ng Xu Rui – 4:44.00mins

Girls U12

  • 7th Saghyna Ibraev – 4:25.55mins
  • 13th Keena Huang Gallagher – 4:56.73mins

Girls U14 

  • 1st Clara Chua – 15:43.22mins

Girls U17

  • 11th Valerie – 17:28.36 mins 

Boys U17

  • 1st Valentin Van Wersch – 16:33.mins

Women Open

  • 4th Caylee Chua – 19:21.41mins