24 Aug 2019

SA U13 Track and Field Meet 2019


26th January 2019 @HOA KPT

By Coach Jat

First event of the year and everyone was excited and at the same time equally nervous, track seasons starts and teams are getting ready for the nationals. Very thankful to SA for allowing athletes to have platforms like these to perform and have exposure to get better on their next race. Our Athletes did a great job showcasing their talents and it was a good experience for them, for sure everyone’s a winner here as they are able to pick up new learnings skills and to improve on their mistakes for their next races. Congratulations to those who managed podium finish and good job to everyone! Time to get back on the track and work on your next races. 


Boys Shotput D Division

  • Adriel John 16th place 4.18m

Boys Long Jump A Division

  • Rafael Bardelli 1st 3.84m

Girls 600m C Division

  • Elizabeth  Singh 3rd 2:03.28
  • Cheryl Tan 4th 2:03.77
  • Zara Soliva 6th 2:10.97
  • Sumedha Rao 7th  2:11.60
  • Srinika Gantala 10th 2:15.46
  • Neya Aravind 12th 2:17.03

Boys 600m B Division

  • Justin Seyffert 2nd  1:50.19
  • Gregoire Boyadjian 5th 1:52.01
  • Lee Jun 6th 1:54.63
  • Tan Wei Yee 9th  1:56.72
  • Emmanuel Tan 14th 2:08.07
  • Loewe Irawan 17th 2:10.91

Girls 600m B Division

  • Christabel Goh 10th 2:10.62
  • Caeley Tan 15th  2:17.21
  • Jade Chin 2:21.40

Girls 600m A Division

  • Aleesya 1st 2:09.73

Girls Shotput D Division

  • Aditi Rao 19th  2.93m

Boys 60m  D Division

  • John Lim 22nd 10.01s
  • Leo Seyffert 23rd 10.02s
  • Marcus Deen Ridzuffri 29th 10.11s
  • Arjan Singh 49th 10.68s
  • Jacob Binedell 53rd 10.77s
  • Adriel John 70th 11.30s
  • Brendan Ng 82nd 12.90s

Girls 60m D Division

  • Aditi Rao 11th 10.40s
  • Adeline Sarah 32nd 11.12

Boys Shotput B Division

  • Joseph Cheong 2nd 9.88m

Girls Long Jump C Division

  • Sumedha Rao 5th 3.33m
  • Low Ann Ee 8th 3.16m

Boys 100m C Division

  • Daryl Choo 7th 14.81s
  • Aadam 40th 16.52s

Girls 100m C Division

  • Cheryl Tan 5th 15.20s
  • Kaylea Yong 10th 15.52s

Boys 100m B Division

  • Gregoire Boyadjian 7th 14.40s

Girls 100m B Division

  • Brenda Ong 28th 15.67s
  • Deetya Gathani 40th 16.44s