12 Mar 2017

Akira Swift Road Relay 2017


by Coach Jack

Another bright sunny Saturday afternoon and slowly walks in our JS Athletes with their family members in tow for the Akira Swift Road Relay Championship. We only had 1 team participating as others took a well deserving break as most felt the toil for the last few weeks of competitions. As we were entered for Under 17 Girls category with a underage team but we knew that we were a strong competitors for other teams. Our JS Team were made of our Princess of Distance (Isabella Ghersi, turning 16 in September), poster girl (Indira Patel, turned 15 in March), cute workhorse (Katia M. Littau, turning 14 in September) and lastly our darling of the team (Mia Hopkins, just turned 13 in March).

With a team of young and promising individuals, first to run the first leg was Katia, she was placed in the 6th position when she cross the line and pass the baton to Mia, the youngest member of the team, who did remarkably well by coming in 3rd position but with the leader still with 300m lead, the baton was pass smoothly to our poster girl Indira, who started chasing the 2 other leaders from the very start and before the halfway mark, Indira has taken the lead and as usual she kept pushing and pushing for a bigger lead as to our plan so our last runner will be able to maintain the 1st position.

When from a distance Indira was seen by our members, it bring all smiles to our faces and we were very confident that we will win the race with our Princess, Isabella, yet to run. When the baton was passed to Isabella by Indira, Bella as she is known to us, took it easy in her strides by pacing herself well in her run as being her first race of the season after her hectic schedules and lengthy holidays break. As we all know Bella for the last 6 years, she is the strong fighter when it comes to running and she did that exactly by maintaining the distance and crossing the finishing line in style and with her usual self without gasping for air after the hard run but was still in smile and in talkative mood with her wonderful knitted teammates.

A well deserve run by the youngest team in the Under 17 Girls category and we will look forward to another great showing by our athletes in the track races as the cross country season came to end with a high note by our hardworking athletes.