Fake Facebook Account

by Coach Jack

With all the trouble brewing at PSOEB Track off Evans Road by a troublemaker coach. A fake Facebook account appears as one “James Tan” and started circulating and trying to be friends with other running groups and their members.

This so called “James Tan” is not trying to befriend but trying to create conflict and smear false information about all running groups who are managed by ethical and known coaches. After a day of opening the fake account, the troublemaker coach who don’t teach values to his students started whining about other group members, about people taking photos of his group (hahaha, James Tan, but how you knows about it if you are an individual and don’t belongs to any group) but failed to realised that this trouble maker coach and his athletes are taking photos of other groups, complaining to MOE and SportsSG about all other groups but I am puzzled is his group of athletes are made of Olympians and thats the reason they are training for 3 hours.

A few days ago, he or his students (either the account is manage by him or his students) commented about coaches who are overweight and shouldn’t be coaching. This so called unethical “James Tan” failed to realised that one of the fat coach hey days, he set records, won a SEA Games medal, have never lose a single race to any Singaporean from the distance of 800m to 10000m and cross country/road races including the so called James Tan group coach.

We all coaches even from other groups, knows the truth about the real person behind the fake Facebook account and his nuisance will not deter us from using the track in harmony and we all will and always stay united. We have been using the track longer than him, have been coaches longer than him, have won SEA Games medals for our respective nations, who teaches good values to all our athletes unlike him who don’t teach values to his athletes for calling other coaches “names” who are older than the coach himself and might be as old as his students parents.

This coach and his students have lose respect from other group coaches, athletes, athletes parents and soon they will lose their own self esteem.

Shame on them!!!