Latest Update: 5th Nov 2018

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This week training schedule (5th – 10th Nov’18);

  • CCAB (PSOEB) Stadium – Mon, Thu & Sat
  • Bishan Stadium – Wed & Fri
  • Bedok Stadium – Wed & Fri
  • Queenstown Stadium – Wed & Fri
  • Adults Running Programme (CCAB) – Mon, Thu & Sat
  • JS Monthly Long Run at CCAB on 3/11/18 (Sat) and on 9/10/18 (Fri) at Bedok Stadium @6pm.

1. THIS WEEK TRAINING SCHEDULE (5th – 10th Nov’18);

  • CCAB (PSOEB) Stadium – Mon, Thu & Sat
  • Bishan Stadium – Wed & Fri
  • Bedok Stadium – Wed & Fri
  • Queenstown Stadium – Wed & Fri
  • Adults Running Programme – CCAB (PSOEB) – Mon, Thu & Sat
  • NO training on Tuesday due to Public Holiday – Deepavali

  • 2. Next JS Monthly Long Run at CCAB (PSOEB) Stadium will be conducted on 3/11/18 (Sat) and at Bedok Stadium on 9/11/18 (Fri), on both days @ 6pm.

    3. ADULTS RUNNING PROGRAMME for more information about the Programme, contact Jack @ 9671 1470.

    4. SHOPPING FOR SPORTS GOODS on discounted rate, click link for addresses

    5. For more information, follow us at Facebook for weekly updates or If you would like to know more, contact Jack @ 9671 1470


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