SA U13 Track & Field Meet 2017

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by Coach Jat

SA Under 13 Track and Field Championship 2017 meet was held on 1st July 2017 (Saturday) @ Toa Payoh Stadium and the following results of our athletes –

Boys Long Jump 9 years old
• 5th place John Tan 3.28m
• 10th place Evan Ang 3.06m

Boys Shot Put 10 years old
• 4th place Joseph Cheong 6.11m

Boys Long Jump 10 years old
• Bronze Medal 3rd place Hayden Roberts 3.80m
• 5th place Jonathan Chua 3.77m

Boys 50m Dash 5 years old
• Gold Medal 1st place Sakthi Sivamani 11.44s

Boys 50m Dash 6 years old
• 8th place Narun Aravind 11.59s

Girls 50m Dash 6 years old
• Gold Medal 1st place Natalie Chen 11.26s

Boys 50m Dash 7 years old
• Bronze Medal 3rd place John Lim 9.65s
• 5th place Kiren Menon 9.87s
• 16th place Nathanael Tay 10.71s
• 19th place Santhosh 10.87s

Girls Long Jump 12 years old
• Silver Medal 2nd place Janna Chew 3.91m

Girls 50m Dash 7 years old
• Bronze Medal 3rd place Deianira Jeffries 9.87s
• 12th place Joy Han 12. 95s

Boys Long Jump 11 years old
• 4th place Ethan Lim 4.09m
• 16th place Joshua Tan 3.46m
• 24th place Aryan Jhamb 3.19m

Girls 100m Dash 9 years old
• 11th place Phua Ying Ci 17.84s
• 13th place Nurizzaty 17.93s
• 16th place Meera Rangnekar 18.13s
• 22nd place Elizabeth Singh 18.37s
• 33rd place Richella Kusanda 20.16s
• 35th place Emilia Romanelli 20.65s

Boys 100m Dash 9 years old
• Bronze Medal 3rd place Daryl Choo 16.08s
• 6th place John Tan 16.28s
• 14th place Evan Ang 16.56s
• 16th place Elfieyan Dani 16.60s
• 19th place Shehan Thomas George 16.76s
• 29th place Cayden Thong 17.21s
• 37th place Kieran Loh 17.87s
• 46th place Torazo Tokuda 18.56s

Boys 100m Dash 10 years old
• Silver Medal 2nd place Sousuke Parker 14.91s
• 7th place Jonathan Chua 15.39s
• 19th place Hayden Roberts 15.95s
• 35th place Joel Ching 16.80s
• 41st place Roshan Manimaren 17.07s
• 47th place Kosuke Kihara 17.41s
• 52nd place Akashraj 17.55s

Girls 100m Dash 10 years old
• 31st place Aditi Dongre 18.89s

Boys 100m Dash 11 years old
• 5th place Ethan Lim 15.25s
• 17th place Phua Khee Yuan 16.16s
• 20th place Akshat Sharma 16.36s
• 21st palce Joshua Tan 16.37s
• 32nd place Aryan Jhamb 17.41s

Girls 100m Dash 11 years old
• 21st place Ramaa Rangnekar 16.72s

Boys 100m Dash 12 years old
• 19th place Jaydon Yam 15.78s
• 24th place Aaron Ching 16.95s

Girls 100m Dash 12 years old
• 4th place Gabrielle Gledhill 14.57s
• 11th place Cheyenne Tsng 16.73s
• 12th place Damita George 17.19s
• 13th place Jerica Han 20.07s

Boys 600m Run 10 years old
• 8th place Emmanuel Justus Tan 2min 11.17s
• 9th place Hayden Roberts 2min 12.70s
• 12th place Lee Jun 2min 15.36s
• 19th place Daryl Choo 2min 21.15s
• 21st place Roshan Manimaren 2min 23.94s
• 31st place Torazo Tokuda 2min 33.48s
• 33rd place Akashraj 2min 41.68s
• 34th place Elfieyan Dani 2min 50.36s

Girls 600m Run 10 years old
• 10th place Jade Chin 2min 26.50s
• 13th place Neya Aravind 2min 28.02s
• 20th place Nurizzaty 2min 35.02s
• 24th place Emilia Romanelli 2min 58.23s

Boys 600m Run 11 years old
• 11th place Sean Khoo 2min 08.32s
• 14th Chua Yuan Xun 2min 10.58s
• 16th place Avery Fiore 2min 10.88s
• 25th place Akshat Sharma 2min 18.10s
• 31st place Joshua Tan 2min 27.19s

Girls 600m Run 11 years old
• 6th place Nicole Emily Thomas 2min 11.93s
• 17th place Ramaa Rangnekar 2min 28.64s

Boys 600m Run 12 years old
• Silver Medal 2nd place James Chin 1min 49.09s
• 5th place Niraj Singh 1min 57.18s
• 7th place Ethan Lee 1min 59.52s
• 11th place Kyle Seow 2min 06.73s
• 14th place Jaydon Yam 2min 12.57s
• 17th place Aaron Ching 2min 33.29ss

Girls 600m Run 12 year old
• 7th place Eryka Pasupathy 2min 18.26s
• 10th place Carys tebby 2min 25.87s

Well done athletes!

For full official results, click link –

Celebrate Athletics Meet 2

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by Coach Jack

Meet held on 27th May 2017 (Saturday) at Bishan Stadium and the following results of our athletes –

*Isabella Ghersi – 1500m Women Open (4:57.44)
*Indira Patel – 1500m Women Open (5:05.68)
*Mia Hopkins – 1500m Women Open (5:13.38)
*Sophie Ferraton – 1500m Women Open (5:39.31)
*Valentin V Wersch – 1500m Men Open (4:44.86
*Jezer Han – 1500m Men Open (4:45.99
*Nathanael Kusanda – 200m Men Open (25.26)
*Ellen Ives – 200m Women Open (28.61)
*Leah D’souza – Long Jump (4.50m)

Well done athletes!

Celebrate Athletics Meet 1

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by Coach Jack

Meet held on 20th May’17 (Saturday) at Bishan Stadium and the following results of our athletes –

* Isabella Ghersi – 800m Women Open (2:20.68)
* Luca Wigley – 800m Men Open (2:24.16)
* Shiv Ahuja – 100m Men Open (12.06)
* Ellen Ives – 100m Men Open (14.08)

Well done athletes!

2017 Singapore Open Track & Field C’ship

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by Coach Jack

After all the preparation, our young female athletes (Isabella Ghersi, age 15+ and Indira Patel, age 14+) run their first track races for this season and were having butterflies in their stomach as they knew that they will be racing with big girls from other countries. Knowing being cross country champions will not help them much unless they step up their game plan and run according to plan and pace.

On Day 1 (27th Apr’17 – Thursday), Isabella ran in the Women’s 800m and was placed in 6th position with a time of 2:26.08. A proud moment for her despite all the time lose due to sickness, school trip and holidays in-between her preparation.

On Day 2 (28th April – Friday morning), first to grace the track was our another athlete, Indira who competed in the Women’s 5000m and was placed 2nd with a new PB time of 18:34:83. The young fighter was even taking turns to set the pace with the eventual winner from Myanmar (Age 26) who took off the last 200m from Indira and won the race with a time of 18:27.73.

An hour later, Isabella was back on the track again for the Women’s 1500m and was placed 2nd too with a new PB time of 4:56.25. Bella (as she is known to us) was brave in staying with the leaders but eventually lose out to the winner from Korea (Age 28) who won the race with the time of 4:42.32.

Well done to our young princesses who shows age is not a barrier and only numbers if you work hard.

2017 Singapore Open T & F C’ship Full Results
Facebook Post:

2016 Achievements:
*Singapore Open T & F C’ship, Bella won Gold in the 1500m (5:00.51)
*Singapore Open T & F C’ship, Indira won Bronze in the 5000m (19:17.53)

Singapore Men’s Marathon Record

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by Coach Jack

As according to the Association of Road Racing Statisticians (ARRS) website, that the Chang Mai (Thailand) marathon race route was short. They (ARRS) has literally stated “short” and it also states at their website “Marks officially recognised by NGBs that differ from those recognised by the ARRS” and thus this statement speaks a thousand words which they too are trying to say the distance of the race route is questionable.

So are we to recognise the record when it’s questionable. The Singapore national record was previously held by S. Balasubramaniam, set in Macau on 1st Dec 1991 with a time of 2:33:04 until M. Rameshon set the new record (2:24:22s) during the SEA Games in Thailand on 13th Dec 1995.

A simple breakdown calculation on the marathon record. A person running at 2:24:22s, have to run the following times base at (3:25/km) or faster –

  • 5km at 15:03:00
  • 10km at 31:23:00
  • 1/2 marathon at 1:09:00
  • 30km at 1:40:00

I don’t think that’s possible when a person’s personal best in the 10,000m track race is only at 33:03:95 (as stated at SA website – Singapore All Time Best). A person with only 33:03:95 to show for in 10,000m is only able to record approximately about 2:32:00 in a marathon if he’s able to sustain the same pace throughout the marathon race which is impossible.

As the saying goes and being aware of it too, that records are mended to be broken but in this case, one should rectify it and hand over to the rightful owner and as a base on the above simple calculation, the Chang Mai Marathon race route might be short by approximately 2km.

For me, the rightful owner of Singapore Marathon record should be Soh Rui Yong who had clocked 2:24:55 at the Chicago Marathon last year and his previous times achieved in races speaks volume and the previous rightful owner should be S. Balasubramaniam and the current record should be omitted out completely since it’s a short course.

The current rightful owner definitely will also have the right to be labelled “Singapore Fastest Marathoner” and not “Singapore Fastest Marathoner over a short course.”

Akira Swift Track & Field C’ship (11th & 12th Mar’17)

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By Coach Jat

On fine early saturday morning at quiet Gombak Stadium, JS Athletics kids were getting ready for the Akira Swift meet. As usual, we were the largest contingent to support and grace the meet as we encourage our athletes in these friendly atmosphere of rivalry. We like to inculcate into the athletes “athletes first and winning second” motto. First were all the 60m Dash for kids Under 8 and as for many of JS athletes, this was their first competition outside JS Trials. Shivakumar Rithvik came in 5th in a time of 10.65s, followed by Pranav Lokesh in 8th place (11.04s) and our tough looking Agasthya Mukilan who arrived just in the nick of time to participate, finished in 9th place with the time of 11.28 without even warming up. Narun Aravind and Aritra Moza gave a commendable performance in their very first race.

In the Under 8 girls section, spiritedly and charming Deianira Jeffrey came in 10th place with a time of 11.32s. In the under 9 girls, the industrious Nurizzaty coming in fast in the last 5 metres of her Heat and manage the silver in 9.84s as all the Heats are time-finals. As for the boys in the Under 9 section, the boys were jittery and had butterflies in their stomach but prevail by giving their best and claim that they will work harder for next year.

Athletes in the afternoon session were made up mostly of athletes gearing up for the Primary Schools Nationals. In the 100m races, first up was Dylan Hughes, in his Heat he came in 8th in 15.02s, Caleb D’Souza was 4th (14.63s) in his Heat followed by Sousuke Parker who is a quiet worker and ended strongly to clinch the bronze in 14.56s and was within a whisker from the silver medallist (14.50s) and Jonathan Chua was timed at 14.4s and was the eventual winner. Noah Hopkins clocked 15.34s in Heat 1 followed by John Tan (15.80s), Roshan Manimaran (16.56s), Akashraj in Heat 3 at 16.08s with Shehan Thomas George at 16.56s. Mohd Dani in 15.89 (Heat 5) while Kieran Ho and Aryan Jhamb came in a time of 15.47 and 17.54 consecutively. Nurizzaty and Emma Mouchel came in a time of 16.16s and 17.15s in Heat 4, followed by Heat 7 Deetya G in a time of 17.07 and ending in Heat 8 with a time of 18.24s was Naya Aravind.

Moving on with the under 11 category, hurdle specialist Anagha V finished 8th overall with a time of 15.36s, Emma Pasupathy who just started running seriously came in 16.69s in Heat 6. Next up was, Kieran Tan who was in Heat 4 and ended in a time of 15.9s. Under 11 boys, Iain Wong was 5th overall who had not been training regularly cause of a knee injury bothering him lately came in with a time of 14.73s. Other results Joshua Tan (13.99s) in heat 2 followed by Aryan Jhamb (16.85s). In Heat 3, Alexis Avinesh and Kannan Ravi came in a time of 15.39s and 17.01s, Kushal Gupta was timed at 16.91s in Heat 4. Janna Chew time of 16.02s in girls under 12 and in the boys under 12 boys, Ishaan Arora and timed at 15.84s and Jaydon Yam was timed with a credible time of 15.63s.

Maha Khan threw with a distance of 4.80m in the shot put event and not long after, heavy downpour and lightning alert whitewash the whole afternoon Programme which our 600m runners were eagerly waiting for. Overall in day One, JS Athletes had a very good promising showing.

Day Two, started off in remarkable mood as Luca Wigley in his first race, ran the 400m in 1.03.28s and bagged the bronze. The ever improving Mia Hopkins finished the 400m in 1.07.67s and romped home with gold medal. Leah D’souza, the long jump specialist bagged the gold medal with a distance of 4.34m.

In the afternoon schedule, Nurfarishma finish in 6th overall with a time of 13.87s, Leah D’souza was 7th with a time of 13.91s in the under 17 category. The ever-improving Shiv Ahuja was 5th with a time of 11.73s followed by the tired Nathaneal Kusunda who ran the 100m twice, as he did not hear the recall by the starter and ran the entire race before running again and was timed at 12.37s. Yeo Jun Peng with only few weeks of training and running his first race in years was timed at 12.20s in the under 20 boys category.

Mia Hopkins bagged her second gold medal in the 800m with a time of 2.49.91s in the under 14 girls. Luca Wigley ran a great race in the 800m and coming home with a time of 2.27.29s for a silver medal. Jezer Han who always lets his feet do the talking ran a credible 2.19.31s in the under 17 category 800m race and was duly rewarded with a bronze medal.

To end the day in the open category 1500m, Jayson Chua a fitness student cum assistant coach who train diligently on other days came in first with a time of 4.45.24s and in the same race, our superboy Ori Sade (age 14) ran a superb race, coming from behind strongly to a silver medal finish (4.51.99s) and James O’Reilly (age 13) came in 15th place out of 20 participants.

The 2 days were fruitful for young and budding athletes and the coaches that spent their weekend guiding our young stalwarts.

Fake Facebook Account

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by Coach Jack

With all the trouble brewing at PSOEB Track off Evans Road by a troublemaker coach. A fake Facebook account appears as one “James Tan” and started circulating and trying to be friends with other running groups and their members.

This so-called “James Tan” is not trying to befriend but trying to create conflict and smear false information about all running groups who are managed by ethical and known coaches. After a day of opening the fake account, the troublemaker coach who don’t teach values to his students started whining about other group members, about people taking photos of his group (hahaha, James Tan, but how you know about it if you are an individual and don’t belong to any group) but failed to realised that this trouble maker coach and his athletes are taking photos of other groups, complaining to MOE and SportsSG about all other groups but I am puzzled is his group of athletes are made of Olympians and that’s the reason they are training for 3 hours.

A few days ago, he or his students (either the account is managed by him or his students) commented about coaches who are overweight and shouldn’t be coaching. This so-called unethical “James Tan” failed to realised that one of the fat coach heydays, he set records, won a SEA Games medal, have never lost a single race to any Singaporean from the distance of 800m to 10000m and cross country/road races including the so-called James Tan group coach.

We the coaches even from other groups know the truth about the real person behind the fake Facebook account and his nuisance will not deter us from using the track in harmony and we all will and always stay united. We have been using the track longer than him, have been coaches longer than him, have won SEA Games medals for our respective nations, who teaches good values to all our athletes unlike him who don’t teach values to his athletes for calling other coaches “names” who are older than the coach himself and might be as old as his students parents.

This coach and his students have lost respect from other group coaches, athletes, athletes parents and soon they will lose their own self-esteem.

Shame on them!!!

JS Time-Trial on 4/3/17 @CCAB Track

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by Coach Jit

The weather created havoc as the day started sunny and then the downpour started. Parents from other centres Bedok, Bishan and Queenstown kept calling in regards to the trial, whether it will commence or be postponed. As true to JS Athletics motto, come what may but the show must go on.

The coaches assembled at 12.30pm to be briefed and set-up the throwing pit area and the long jump pits, parents and athletes started pouring in slowly. Then the rain got lighter and the older boys and girls were first out to do their warmup. By 1.30pm the rain subsided completely and all the kids were in the throng for their warmup led by the coaches and then for their stretching and striding.

As schedule, we started sharp at 2pm with the 1500m event and then followed by the 100m, 200m, 50m, 80,m kids dash, long jump, shot put and then closely by 300m, 600m, 800m events and finally ending at 4.45pm with the last event of the day which was the 400m with the only participant Dinie Zikry who come in late.

The meet is held twice yearly as to give competition and awareness to athletes who normally do not participate in any meet. We are keen to encourage competition in a healthy way as also to bring the athletes from all the centres close. Parents and supporters were rooting vigorously for one and all, the rivalry was friendly but on the track as the athletes started the competition was fierce. The trials were a success and parents were a good sport throughout the meet.

After the meet the buffet was catered to one and all with the friendly banters among parents and kids all mingled, some to get acquainted from other centres and others to offer congratulatory messages to the winners and motivation to those who perhaps had a off-day.

After wrapping up the time-trial, everyone seems to be already looking forward to the next time-trial with eagerness. In JS Athletics, the founder has inculcated in the coaches and athletes that we are more concerned with athlete-centric than results as we strive to pique their interest from young than burn them out at an early age.

**Our time-trial results are posted at our Facebook.

Akira Swift Road Relay 2017

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by Coach Jack

Another bright sunny Saturday afternoon and slowly walks in our JS Athletes with their family members in tow for the Akira Swift Road Relay Championship. We only had 1 team participating as others took a well deserving break as most felt the toil for the last few weeks of competitions. As we were entered for Under 17 Girls category with a underage team but we knew that we were a strong competitors for other teams. Our JS Team were made of our Princess of Distance (Isabella Ghersi, turning 16 in September), poster girl (Indira Patel, turned 15 in March), cute workhorse (Katia M. Littau, turning 14 in September) and lastly our darling of the team (Mia Hopkins, just turned 13 in March).

With a team of young and promising individuals, first to run the first leg was Katia, she was placed in the 6th position when she cross the line and pass the baton to Mia, the youngest member of the team, who did remarkably well by coming in 3rd position but with the leader still with 300m lead, the baton was pass smoothly to our poster girl Indira, who started chasing the 2 other leaders from the very start and before the halfway mark, Indira has taken the lead and as usual she kept pushing and pushing for a bigger lead as to our plan so our last runner will be able to maintain the 1st position.

When from a distance Indira was seen by our members, it bring all smiles to our faces and we were very confident that we will win the race with our Princess, Isabella, yet to run. When the baton was passed to Isabella by Indira, Bella as she is known to us, took it easy in her strides by pacing herself well in her run as being her first race of the season after her hectic schedules and lengthy holidays break. As we all know Bella for the last 6 years, she is the strong fighter when it comes to running and she did that exactly by maintaining the distance and crossing the finishing line in style and with her usual self without gasping for air after the hard run but was still in smile and in talkative mood with her wonderful knitted teammates.

A well deserve run by the youngest team in the Under 17 Girls category and we will look forward to another great showing by our athletes in the track races as the cross country season came to end with a high note by our hardworking athletes.

Wings Cross Country 2017

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by Manjit Singh (Coach Jit)

A bright outing at the Wings Cross Country turn into a disappointing day for one of our poster girls of JS Athletics. Indira Patel was undoubtedly in assailable lead in the under 17 category when she was disqualified for having a wrong turn. Well as the say, we in JS fashion will move on. The irony was that the stewards claim Indira made a wrong turn, the fact should be the leading steward on the bicycle should have follow the leader of the pack rather then the pack and after which they claim they will try to improve the marshalling process “Next Year.”

Disappoint aside, we had a very reasonable outing and in the Under 14 category, the runner up position when to Mia Hopkins in a time of 16.12 (4.6km). She seems to surprise us who’s just turning 13 but her industrious nature shows her character just in a 2nd race. Our another cute 13 years old workhorse Katia was never placed even though she was in the leading pack in the first 3km, she suffered a recurring calf injury and still manage to walk back to the finish line. Knowing her never to give an excuse she told Coach Jack, don’t worry it is a hiccup and will bounce back stronger.

In the Under 14 Boys section, the ever improving Ori Sade come in 10th position in a time of 14.25. He never fail to impress his detractors, he keeps working at his fitness unrelentingly. Even his basketball coach gives kudos to his resilient character and says “Everyday is an improvement with Ori.”

Next coming to our big boys, Valentin came in 29th position, the multi-talented sportsman who is aspiring to be a triathlete is also a mean hockey player. His punishing regime in sports is an example to many youngsters who are keen to embark in the field of sports. Last but not least, our own Jason who’s maturing and is helping as an assistant coach did remarkably well in the under 20 section by coming in 12th with a time of 17.14. He’s a quiet worker who’s juggling with school, training and working.

Mishaps do happen and only the people with strong mental attitude come out strong. All in all it was a decent showing filled with excitement and despair which is inevitable.